“More than 300,000 acres are burning across six states across the western United States on Sunday as the region battled yet another brutal heat wave that shattered records and strained power grids.” And sadly, this is probably just the warmup.

+ “Winemaker Matt Naumann expected his fire insurance costs to skyrocket. The annual premium to insure his small vineyard and winery in Placerville (El Dorado County) had risen steadily over the last three years, from $7,000 per year to $8,500 to $10,000. After last year’s catastrophic fire season, ‘I figured, maybe they’ll even rise by 50% or 100%,’ said Naumann, the owner of Newfound Wines. Instead, his fire insurance was revoked entirely.” Those who don’t believe the science or what they’re seeing sure as hell should believe insurance companies. This shit is real. SF Chronicle: As California wineries lose insurance, some fear this fire season will be their last.