The only time weed is associated with moving quickly is when people are running from the police (or toward a bag of Doritos). And yet it was a positive test for THC that will cost Sha’Carri Richardson her spot as the favorite to win the 100-meter race in the Tokyo Olympics. Richardson is taking responsibility for getting herself into this icky sticky situation—she says she used marijuana after learning that her biological mother had died, knowing full well that THC was a banned substance. But that doesn’t change the fact that the rule itself is reefer madness, and part of a chronic problem that’s causing unnecessary joint pain. Richardson smoked pot in a state where pot is legal to smoke. There’s no relationship between blaze and speed. Zig Zagging is no way to win a 100. It all seems like one more weed bump between America and sensible drug laws. Given that we’ve spent decades imprisoning people for pot related offenses, I suppose it could be worse. But for now, a potentially great olympic moment has been weed whacked. Sha’Carri Richardson speaks out about failing drug test ahead of Olympics. (If I test positive for THC this weekend, it’s because this story really bums me out.)