“Juliet Bernstein, who turned 108 on Friday, has lived in her Cape Cod house for a half-century since she retired as a New York City teacher. Her mind is sharp, but she is physically frail and needs nearly round-the-clock care. Bernstein cannot walk without pain, no longer cooks, and depends on home health aides to bathe, dress, and use the bathroom. But like many elderly people, she is determined to spend the final years of her long life in the modest home she loves.” At 108 years old, Cape Cod woman starts fund-raiser to allow her to keep living at home.

+ In 1961, 10-year-old Gwen Goldman wrote the New York Yankees, hoping to be the team’s bat girl. Her request was denied. On Monday, 60 years later, the Yankees granted her wish.

+ The Wimbledon crowd gave a standing ovation for a woman who helped develop a covid vaccine.

+ Yale School of Drama to offer free tuition after David Geffen’s $150M donation.

+ A Boeing 737 cargo plane makes emergency landing in the water near Honolulu. (The feel good part is that both pilots were rescued.)

+ 130 countries agree to global minimum corporate tax rate.

+ All California public school students now have access to free breakfast and lunch, no questions asked.

+ Rescue cat reaches summit of all 48 4,000-foot peaks in New Hampshire. (So the cat was rescued from freedom and dragged on 48 hikes?)

+ Have a great Fourth of July holiday weekend…