The natural reaction to climate change induced heatwaves is to add fuel to the fire. It gets hotter. You get an air conditioner. But air conditioners are one of the biggest contributors to climate change. So as we add AC to cool off, the world will only heat up faster, causing more people to get air conditioners. Nothing in life is free, especially freon. “What we put into the world has lasting effects on others, whether we know it or intend it or acknowledge it or not.” Eric Dean Wilson in Esquire: Before You Blast Your A/C This Summer, Think About This. (Unless you live in Portland, Seattle, or parts of Canada where it’s too hot to think about anything without the A/C on.)

+ “Extreme heat is colorless, odorless, and silent; like heart disease, its reality seems abstract until it happens to you. Then it kills. In most years, heat is the deadliest type of weather event in the United States. At least 600 and possibly as many as 1,500 Americans die every year of heat-related disease, although the real numbers may be higher because all-cause mortality rises during heat waves. Heat is deadliest in places where people do not have air-conditioning.” Robinson Meyer in The Atlantic: Nowhere Is Ready for This Heat. (And when it comes to climate change progress, we’re going nowhere fast.)

+ Canada weather: Dozens dead as heatwave shatters records.

+ Ho hum, just another headline from California. Exploding Lava Fire whips up firenado, triggers evacuations.

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