“‘The bare minimum requirement’ of competing in the Olympics should be ‘that you believe in the country you’re representing,’ Crenshaw told Fox. The unctuous Ted Cruz chimed in on Twitter, ‘Why does the Left hate America?’ As if Berry, a 32-year-old native of Ferguson, Mo., the daughter of an Iraq War veteran, and a college graduate with a minor in criminal justice, must be some kind of liberty-loathing infiltrator.” Sally Jenkins in WaPo: Dan Crenshaw wants Gwen Berry kicked off the Olympic team. How un-American. (With these guys, it’s hard to tell where the usual pandering stops and a true lack of understanding of America starts. But it sure is something when a seditionist chump like Ted Cruz utters a negative word about a veteran.)

+ WaPo: The land was worth millions. A Big Ag corporation sold it to Sonny Perdue’s company for $250,000. (Criminal corruption was a prerequisite for Trumpists.)