From Israel, one of the fastest nations in terms of getting citizens vaccinated, a worrying sign. “Israel has reintroduced a requirement to wear masks indoors amid a rise in coronavirus cases, just days after it lifted the measure. Concern has grown after the country recorded more than 100 new daily cases in successive days after registering zero earlier this month. Most of the cases have been linked to the Delta variant from abroad.”

+ “Even if we are denied answers, we can still learn lessons. Perhaps the biggest one is that we were due for a bat coronavirus outbreak, one way or another, and the research showing bat coronaviruses’ ability to jump to humans was a warning not heeded.” In the NYT, Zeynep Tufekci goes really deep on the Covid origin story: Where Did the Coronavirus Come From? What We Already Know Is Troubling.

+ “‘I think my goal has been achieved,’ says Chan. ‘I just wanted people to investigate, take it seriously. My job is done, and I want to go back to a normal life.’ That’s not likely to happen soon.” MIT Tech Review: They called it a conspiracy theory. But Alina Chan tweeted life into the idea that the virus came from a lab.