A slow motion tragedy is unfolding in Miami where a building collapse has caused four known deaths. 159 people are currently unaccounted for. Miami Herald: “The arduous and heartbreaking task of recovering the bodies of victims at the site of the collapse of the Champlain Towers South condo in Surfside began overnight and continued into a somber Friday in an unfolding tragedy that is feared to be the worst building failure in Florida history.”

+ “Pablo Rodriguez, whose mother and grandmother are among at least 99 missing, said his mother called him to report ‘creaking noises’ she heard a day before the building collapsed.” Here’s the latest from CNN.

+ WaPo: Video timeline: How the Miami-Dade condo collapsed. And, rescue operation under way – in pictures.

+ NPR: Here’s What We Know About The Condition Of The Florida Building Before It Collapsed.

+ USA Today: Collapsed Miami condo had been sinking into Earth as early as the 1990s.