Up to 10,000 Japanese fans will be permitted at Olympic venues. But there will be strict limitations. Masks must be worn. And no one will be able to shout or speak loudly. (I can’t even maintain that rule in my living room.)

+ BBC: “New Zealand’s Laurel Hubbard has become the first ever transgender athlete picked to compete at an Olympics, in a controversial decision. Officials have selected her for the women’s weightlifting team for Tokyo 2020, after qualifying requirements were recently modified.”

+ “One day, Felix will tell her daughter about her birth in November 2018, by way of emergency C-section. She will tell Camryn about Nike’s attempt to cut her pay by 70% when she returned to the track, and the company declining to protect her pay if her post-pregnancy performances were not up to par.” Allyson Felix officially punches ticket to fifth Olympic Games – and her first as a mom.

+ In future Olympic news, one of Usain Bolt’s new twin sons is named Thunder.