“Look, if you don’t think a man being funny while eating a lot of waffles is news, it’s not clear what you expect from the internet. It was the kind of lighthearted, fleeting moment, the my-life-is-now-your-life invited voyeurism, that easily gets buried under the more common parts of the internet: the constant physical and spiritual threats to individual well-being, a collective aimlessness expressed largely through anger, and, for the love of God, a pandemic that has sapped the world of most of its joy for about 18 months. It’s OK to think about waffles for a bit.” A man who finished last in his fantasy football league had to spend 24 hours at a Waffle House restaurant. For every waffle he ate, his sentence was reduced by an hour. (I would have been out of there in 45 minutes…)

+ Drinking straw device is instant cure for hiccups, say scientists.

+ These Brisbane sisters can sing all 195 of the world’s national anthems.

+ “We didn’t realize we’d get love and support and cheers from every corner of town, from people we’d never met to close friends and neighbors.” A gay couple faced harassment for 5 years. Handwriting analysis led to a suspect: A neighbor.

+ LA Times: UC San Diego graduate honors farmworker parents with photo shoot that goes viral.

+ Teen buys storage units and returns items to owners.

+ MacKenzie Scott gave away another $2.7 billion.

+ Rhode Island Makes Financial Literacy A Required Class For All High School Students. (OK, let’s say you’ve spent the last several months mining bitcoin using energy provided from an errupting volcano, and then Elon Musk tweets that Tesla is not taking bitcoin anymore. How many SPACs are you left with?)