“When President George W. Bush first met Vladimir Putin, he seemed smitten, describing the still-new Russian leader as ‘very straightforward and trustworthy,’ even claiming he got ‘a sense of his soul.’ A certain Democratic senator from Delaware had a very different reaction.” As Biden embarks on his European trip, he has two key goals: to convince allies that the US has their backs. And to make it clear to Putin that the administration no longer has his. Biden disliked Putin before it was cool.

+ And Biden comes to the G7 talks bearing gifts. WaPo: Biden administration to buy 500 million Pfizer coronavirus vaccine doses to donate to the world. (Oh, and I, uh, brought this nice bottle of wine…)

+ “A horde of Brood X cicadas had filled the plane’s engines, causing mechanical issues that delayed takeoff. Eventually, White House aides had to find another plane for reporters to make it overseas.” A Plane Carrying Biden’s Press Corps Was About To Take Off. Then The Cicadas Swarmed. (Might want to tone down that negative insect coverage.)