The return to what was once normal is already feeling a little weird. For some single people, this summer promises to be a fruitful and active one (Rabbit, Run). For people who have been stuck in the house with their families, a little alone time could be nice (Rabbit at Rest). For all of us, returning to social events is going to take some getting used to (Rabbit Redux), especially when it comes to recalling how to make small talk (Rabbit Remembered). In The New Yorker, Anna Russell wonders: what if we’re scared to go back to normal life? The Age of Reopening Anxiety. “After a lonely year, in-person socializing feels both exciting and alien, like returning to your home town after a long while away. Will everything still be there? Will you have any friends left? Will you have anything to say? Conversation, even on a bar stool, feels creaky and unpracticed. The joints need oiling.” (Just take it slow or you’ll end up needing a rabbit test.)

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