“In four years he has helped to clear more than 2.4 million square feet of land. In the process, he has found 71 land mines and 38 items of unexploded ordnance.” After Years Of Detecting Land Mines, A Heroic Rat Is Hanging Up His Sniffer. (And yet, the rodent from Ratatouille gets the movie deal.)

+ AMC Theatres’ Surprise Stock Winners: Meet the Pizza Delivery Guy Who Turned $800 Into $65,000.

+ Vaccination Rates are Going Back up Thanks to the Teens.

+ 94-year-old woman receives high school diploma. (She’s gonna defer college for a few years.)

+ Biden recognizes Pride Month with an official proclamation after Trump refused during his time in office.

+ Florida boy, 7, swims an hour to shore to save father and sister.

+ WaPo: A student was barred from graduation for wearing the wrong shoes. So a teacher gave him the shoes off his own feet.

+ Meet the armless archer aiming for gold at the Paralympics.

+ A 2-year-old from California is the youngest American to become a member of Mensa. (If we were gonna have a 2-year-old run the country for 4 years, why couldn’t it have been this one?)