“Reardon hasn’t forgotten, either. ‘I don’t need closure,’ he said, assuring me that his family ‘laughs about it sometimes.’ And yet he still finds himself Googling Sanfilippo and his son late at night. Reardon still considers Sanfilippo a ‘jackass’ and ‘pathetic.’ His son is a ‘garbage kid.’ He still remembers the last time he saw Sanfilippo, in a parking lot outside a baseball field. ‘Can’t you just live your life?’ Sanfilippo asked. Reardon scowled. ‘Not until you’re dead.'” David Gauvey Herbert in Esquire with a wild look Inside Youth Baseball’s Most Notorious Dad-On-Dad Rivalry. (I used to coach my son’s little league team with a local sheriff. I never realized how lucky I was to have the law on my side.)