“I’m not sure how to tell this story without simultaneously revealing myself as an absolute, honest-to-god, genuine, grade-A, hazing, blazing maniac. But here is the movie trailer version: About a half year ago, I found out that the same company that makes my favorite protein supplement also sells what’s allegedly a brain-boosting powder for video gamers looking to start juicing. I ordered some with the intention of trying it out for an Esquire story. Instead, I abused the shit out of the powder—which is Swedish Fish-flavored!—and developed a crippling dependency on Brady’s special juice.” This falls somewhere between a testimonial and cautionary tale. I Started Juicing to Become a Pro Gamer. It Went Terribly Wrong.

+ No big deal, just a couple bees removing a Fanta cap.

+ Mountain lion breaks through window into Bay Area home, no one injured. “The cat may have been attracted to large stuffed game that was mounted on the walls of the home.” (I have so many pets that if this happened at my house, we’d probably just keep him.)