Uncle Sam Wants UFO

There was a time, not too long ago, when politicians who were interested in UFOs kept that information to themselves for fear of being characterized as a little nuts. Since that time, we’ve learned that being a little nuts is no hindrance to one’s career in public life, and we’re also starting to identify a lot broader interest in unidentified flying objects. In short, we’ve gone from UFOmg to UFOmo. “‘This used to be a career-ending kind of thing,’ said John Podesta, who generally kept his interest in UFOs to himself when he was President Bill Clinton’s chief of staff. ‘You didn’t want to get caught talking about it because you’d be accused of walking out of an ‘X-Files’ episode.'” (That’s hardly a criticism now that the whole of American politics is an X-Files episode; albeit one that’s markedly less believable than the fictionalized show.) WaPo: How UFO sightings went from joke to national security worry in Washington. Could there be a there there somewhere out there? UFOshizzle my nizzle.

+ The possibility of UFOs isn’t the only reason to keep that tin foil hat handy. The QAnon Crowd is Convinced UFOs are a Diversion From Voter Fraud. “They want you talking about aliens because they don’t want you talking about Maricopa. They want you talking about UFO’s because they don’t want you talking about stagflation, the collapse of the dollar, the crisis on the border, and Biden’s mental health.” (These folks are more alienated than the aliens.)

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