“He is the first player in his 50s to claim one of golf’s grandest prizes. To say anyone saw this coming at the beginning of the week would be like spitting into the Kiawah Island wind.” At 50, Phil Mickelson still loves the chase and caught himself one more major championship.

+ “Text Philip and tell him just to par in. Don’t hit bombs or activate calves. Just par. They will have to catch him. He won’t listen to his mother so you text him. Hurry.” How Phil Mickelson’s history-making major victory was a family affair.

+ “He does three-day fasts every few months as a way of resetting his immune system; he does shorter fasts more often, saying after his final round that he fasts for 36 hours straight once a week.” Phil Mickelson explains how his age-defying fasting ‘resets’ his body. Drive for show. Putt for dough. (But not real dough, that’s too high in carbs.)

+ 50 today looks a little different than it did in 1867. (Old Tom Morris doesn’t look like he was that into resetting his body…)