What to Animate: I don’t want to get into specifics, but I have been both a hostage and a victim of our Roomba. So I could really relate to the first episode in Volume Two of Love, Death and Robots, an adult-ish animated series on Netflix. The episodes are short, binge-able, and all quite different. Give it a try.

+ What to Pell: Over the years, it’s been almost impossible to find things that my entire family likes to watch or hear or do (aside from arguing with each other). One exception to the rule is Twenty One Pilots. We all like them. So it’s news in my house when the band has a new album. Scaled and Icy is decidedly more upbeat than the duo’s previous offerings, but I like in anyway. Our latest family activity is watching Modern Family. Great show, and perhaps the tightest sitcom pilot episode of all time. We watch it on Hulu, but it’s widely available.