“Ms. Mata’afa, 64, a high chief who holds the title fiame, was propelled into political leadership after her father, the country’s first prime minister, died when she was 18. Not long after, she became the matai, or head of her family — an unusually early rise.” After Weeks of Twists, Samoa Is Set to Have Its First Female Leader. My household has had a female Samoan leader for decades, and I can confirm, it works. Malo Lava.

+ “His own experience of relying on free school meals to eat brings authenticity and compassion to his campaigning, and his status as a Premier League footballer means people and politicians sit up and take notice.” Manchester United’s Marcus Rashford becomes youngest person to top Sunday Times Giving List. Amazing.

+ Oklahoma siblings separated as young children, find each other after 40 years, living just one mile apart. (This is a good one, folks.)

+ WaPo: After more than a year of separation and isolation, Americans are reuniting.

+ More than 1 million households across the U.S. have already signed up for the Emergency Broadband Benefit (EBB) program.

+ Rejoice. The AppleTV remote, the worst product ever offered by the company, is at long last dead. (I’m burying mine where it always felt most comfortable: between couch cushions.)

+ Slate: The Man Who Is Actually Getting a Free Krispy Kreme Vax Doughnut a Day. “What’s funny is that they built this new Krispy Kreme that I’ve been going to. It just opened up the week before my second Pfizer shot, and it’s within walking distance. It’s a mile away. It’s kismet, right? (If kismet is a euphemism for diabetes, then yes.)