Yesterday I mentioned that there’s little evidence pressure from Biden would have a major impact on Netanyahu, and today we see that scenario playing out. Shortly after Biden announced “that he expected a significant de-escalation today on the path to a ceasefire,” Netanyahu indicated his determination to continue Gaza operation.

+ Slate: For Netanyahu, Israel’s Fight With Hamas Is Going Just Fine. “Two weeks ago, he was about to lose his job. Now, he’s stronger than ever.” (This is pretty accurate, but like many articles and comments on the matter, it ignores that fact that Hamas benefits from the fighting as well. The people not benefiting are citizens, especially children.

+ Vox: What’s happening in Israel and Gaza is the near-inevitable result of a grim status quo. “Both Israeli and Palestinian leadership have basically accepted the painful political status quo in Gaza, seeing the violence and humanitarian suffering it causes as bad but basically tolerable as part of an effort to secure their hold on power.”