“The sea cucumber’s posterior is so much more than an exit hole for digestive waste. It is also a makeshift mouth that gobbles up bits of algae; a faux lung, latticed with tubes that exchange gas with the surrounding water; and a weapon that, in the presence of danger, can launch a sticky, stringy web of internal organs to entangle predators. It can even, on occasion, be a home for shimmering pearlfish, which wriggle inside the bum when it billows open to breathe. It would not be inaccurate to describe a sea cucumber as an extraordinary anus that just so happens to have a body around it.” The Atlantic: The Body’s Most Embarrassing Organ Is an Evolutionary Marvel. (Now I have anus envy…)

+ “A beach inspector called the police, and the men were promptly arrested for indecent exposure.” A Scandalous History of Speedos. (The shortest pants I’ve ever worn to the beach were a pair of jeans…)

+ An amazing photo of a West Texas thunderstorm.