Jill Lepore in The New Yorker: Burnout: Modern Affliction or Human Condition? “To question burnout isn’t to deny the scale of suffering, or the many ravages of the pandemic: despair, bitterness, fatigue, boredom, loneliness, alienation, and grief—especially grief. To question burnout is to wonder what meaning so baggy an idea can possibly hold, and whether it can really help anyone shoulder hardship. Burnout is a metaphor disguised as a diagnosis.” (I suggest you take two similes and call me in the morning. But I’m a compete idiom when it comes to these things.)

+ Burnout may be a metaphor. But overwork is all too literal. Overwork Killed More Than 745,000 People In A Year, WHO Study Finds. (Maybe I should start delivering the day’s top nine stories.)