“A source familiar with talks aimed at ending this latest round of fighting told the BBC that there have been real efforts in the last few hours to reach an agreement. The source, who refused to disclose his name, added that intensive Egyptian, Arab and international efforts are taking place. And in the meantime, there are some positive signals that mediation is bringing results.” The signals aren’t visible on the ground as fighting has now spread to the West Bank. Here’s the latest on the Middle East situation.

+ How complicated is all of this? For some background, here’s Bernard Avishai in The New Yorker: Hamas and Netanyahu Are Gambling Dangerously in Jerusalem. “Forces in Israel and in Gaza are seeking to exploit the polarizing violence.”

+ Sadly, the polarization is occurring in some of the few places where people used to get along. NYT: In Mixed Israel Cities Proud of Good Relations, a Sudden, Explosive Division.