The pandemic began with the hoarding of toilet paper and it’s ending with a run on toothpaste and mouthwash as the CDC unexpectedly announced it was time to unmask. You weren’t the only one surprised by the policy change. The NYT surveyed epidemiologists over the past couple of weeks, and “just 5 percent said people would no longer need to wear masks indoors by this summer.” What changed? Here’s the science that convinced the CDC to lift mask mandates. I’m not sure I see the downside of continuing to wear masks in public indoor settings for a bit longer. And I’m not just saying that because I look more charming with most of my face covered.

+ WaPo: Many retailers will still require masks — at least for now — even with new CDC guidance.

+ Nancy Pelosi will still require masks on the House floor because a ridiculous percentage of the leaders of a hijacked party haven’t gotten their shots yet. (Maybe they’re afraid it’s truth serum.)

+ The CDC’s Free-Your-Face Guidance Is Wonderful, Welcome, and Weird.