Still need a reason to get vaccinated? Well, Ohio’s got a million of them. “Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine unveiled a lottery system Wednesday to entice people to get COVID-19 shots, offering a weekly $1 million prize and full-ride college scholarships in a creative bid to overcome the vaccine hesitancy that remains a stubborn problem across the nation.” (Hopefully it’s not a powerball or people may delay getting vaccinated until the jackpot size increases.)

+ Not in the mood to gamble with your life? There are other incentives available. NY Mayor Bill de Blasio ate Shake Shack during his press conference to announce a free fries with vaccination promotion. (The Onion should sue America for plagiarism.)

+ Even better, if you get vaccinated, you can spend your money and eat your fries sans mask in most indoor settings. In a big move, the CDC has eased guidance on indoor mask-wearing. (Meh, what the hell? Hold out for more prizes.)