“A nationwide shortage of restaurant workers is emerging as one of the defining quirks of the nation’s economic recovery from the pandemic. The unemployment rate remains elevated at 6.1 percent, but even as dining establishments aggressively hire workers, data and anecdotal reports suggest they are having trouble luring anywhere near enough staff.” WaPo: As his restaurants’ customers return, a Miami chef is missing a critical ingredient: Workers.

+ Before you start blaming Florida, this is not just a Miami trend. Bloomberg: Job Openings in U.S. Surge to a Record High 8.12 Million. “The number of vacancies exceeded hires by more than 2 million, the largest gap on record and evidence of current hiring challenges. Many employers say they are unable to fill positions because of ongoing fears of catching the coronavirus, child-care responsibilities and generous unemployment benefits.”

+ Biden says unemployed offered jobs must take them or lose benefits.