Bottom of the News

“Millennials just got the news from Gen Z: Your jeans are bad. Specifically, late-aughts skinny jeans are bad. The kids have an answer: width. Their jeans have wider legs and tapered ankles, or maybe they flare out with a little kick. They have lighter washes and high waists. That’s right. Gen Z has discovered mom jeans. Naturally, this means war.” The Jean War between millennials and Gen Z cannot be won.

+ Brad Stone writes that the voice for Amazon’s virtual assistant, which the company has never revealed, is Colorado-based Nina Rolle.

+ Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Enjoy Weeklong Vacation 17 Years After Their Split. (This matters because it means we’re one step closer to Gigli Two.) It’s like my wife keeps telling me. Every relationship needs a 17 year break.

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