“As Bosynak, exhausted, collapsed onto a sun bed, Gupta jogged to the nearest store to get some disinfectant and, on a whim, chocolate ice cream. Back on the beach, Gupta started tending to Bosnyak’s wounds. Then she handed him the ice cream and he smiled gratefully. ‘Something changed, for me, in that moment,’ she recalls. ‘There was a click in my heart somewhere.’ Bosnyak felt it too, even as he lay there, bleeding.” He saved her from drowning and they fell in love. (Cut to a year from now. “Honey, take out the garbage.” … “I saved your life, how about if you take it out!?”)

+ “There were a lot of surprises on a flight to Hawaii last week, starting with the birth of a baby to a woman who didn’t know she was pregnant. Not only did there happen to be a doctor on board the Salt Lake City-Honolulu flight, but there were also three neonatal intensive care nurses — and all of them immediately got to work.”

+ Wrongly Convicted Of Murder, Juan Rivera Uses Settlement Money To Open Barber College With His Former Prison Guard.

+ South Africa to end captive lion industry.

+ Drew Robinson makes San Francisco Giants’ Triple-A roster after losing eye in 2020 suicide attempt.

+ Special mat installed at Huntington Beach, providing better access to visitors using wheelchairs.

+ WaPo: How a rural Virginia town came together for an unforgettable pandemic prom.