You’ve probably heard that the chips are down for big carmakers, and that the global shortage of computer chips is threatening slowdowns for major tech companies like Apple and Samsung. But in an era when so many of our products require chips to function, the impact of the shortage is difficult to fully process (especially without processors). “Semiconductors are the brains behind most modern electronics, from computers and cellphones to smart toasters and washing machines … Increasingly, however, semiconductors are enabling high-tech solutions to low-tech problems, such as vacuuming a carpet or cleaning a litter box. Chip-enabled lightbulbs and thermostats can be turned on and off over a WiFi connection.” I’m not proud of it, but my litter box has WiFi. Now my dogs could be impacted as well. WaPo: How the global chip shortage might affect people who just want to wash their dogs. Chips, uh, oy.