For months, my son has been telling me that Demon Slayer was going to become one of the top box office smashes of all time (possibly) and be the number one movie (for sure). I argued he was wildly overstating the popularity of the brand and genre based on his own obsession. Now, I have to give him credit. But I’m doing it in the one place he’ll never look: NextDraft. “After becoming one of the most popular anime shows on the planet, Demon Slayer rode its mainstream popularity all the way to an astonishing $21 million opening weekend for its movie Demon Slayer: Mugen Train at the US domestic box office. That’s the highest ever for an anime.”

+ “The Ted in those old spots is cocky and clueless, parading around the soccer pitch in short shorts and aviator glasses. The joke is that he tries to impose an American way of doing things on the Brits, without a hint of self-awareness: When his players start calling him ‘wanker,’ he assumes it’s a sign of respect.” The Strange Bipartisan Appeal of Ted Lasso. (Ted Lasso is emotional vaccine.)