What to Rock: Anyone who tells you rock is dead doesn’t listen to Royal Blood. The dynamic duo is back with a new album, a hint of disco added to their sound, and a must listen. Check out Typhoons. This is the rock band that old school rockers love.

+ What to Book: I got an advance copy of The End of the Golden Gate, a collection of essays from writers on loving and (sometimes) leaving San Francisco. It’s an excellent book and it couldn’t be more timely. It features 25 acclaimed writers taking on the Bay Area-dweller’s eternal conflict: Should I stay or should I go? (To paraphrase the Clash: If I go, there will be trouble, And if I stay it will cost me double.)

+ What to Carb: Unlike most Americans, I didn’t rediscover carbs during the pandemic. I have remained true to pasta. And I’m pretty sure I just started boiling the best pasta brand I’ve tried. It’s called Mancini, and my pot runneth over.