It’s a Friday. And the one-year anniversary of the day that, following a presidential coronavirus task force press conference, Lysol had to warn us not to drink its products; so let’s lead with a collection of odd stories, that could make you feel a little disturbed (but not as disturbed as you felt a year ago). First, there’s the arrest of a mastermind capitol rioter: “The Justice Department has charged a Capitol rioter who was turned in by someone he matched with on the dating app Bumble, after he bragged about his exploits on January 6.” (It was a dead giveaway when his profile touted his ability to maintain an insurrection…)

+ California now has the lowest Covid infection rate in America. Recall that, suckas. (I was born in the state and I’ll never, ever move away!) In other California news, Caitlyn Jenner Said She’ll Run For California Governor. (Can anyone recommend a good moving company?) Even though the Trump administration attacked the transgender community, Jenner is running as a Republican with help and advice from Brad Parscale. Speaking of anniversaries, it’s been one year since Jenner told Outsports that “Politics is something I don’t talk about any longer.” That’s quite a transition.

+ Gender reveal party using 80 pounds of explosives sets off earthquake. (This is what’s referred to as tectonic stupidity.)

+ George W Bush, says he wrote in Condoleezza Rice for president in 2020. (He would’ve been better off keeping that a secret.)

+ And to wrap up this special section, a look at the latest Harper’s Index which includes these doozies: Portion of Republicans who regard Donald Trump as the best president in American history: 1/3, and the percentage of them who believe that the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol was largely inspired by Antifa: 58. (You know, maybe just a couple shots of Lysol wouldn’t hurt?)