Nature can be a real mother. After decades of ignoring the damage human nature has done to humans’ nature, it’s going to require a real clime to prevent nature from taking its course. That’s just the nature of the beast. If we don’t get eco-logical now, it might be too late. President Biden moved to improve the forecast by convening a summit of 40 world leaders to get weather back on the radar on this Earth Day. John Kerry described the challenge: “It will require mobilizing finance at an absolutely unprecedented level, and it will require governments to help facilitate the net-zero transition around the world, and to help … the vulnerable countries, the people who just don’t have the finance or the technology or the ability to do this. Given the magnitude of this challenge, however, governments alone cannot possibly find all the necessary investment. There’s no government in the world that has enough … in their budgets to be able to provide what we need to make this transition. Ultimately, how governments, international financial institutions and private providers of capital work together is really going to determine the outcome of this challenge.” It takes a global village. Here’s the latest from the two-day summit. Biden hosts global climate change summit on Earth Day. (The key, of course, will be whether the words translate into action. The last thing Earth needs now is more hot air.)

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+ And a back-up plan… NASA’s Perseverance rover has produced pure oxygen on Mars.