“Scientifically known as thanatosis, or tonic immobility, playing dead occurs across the animal kingdom, from birds to mammals to fish. Perhaps the most famous death faker is North America’s Virginia opossum, which opens its mouth, sticks out its tongue, empties its bowels, and excretes foul-smelling fluids to convince a predator it’s past the expiration date.” Many animals play dead—and not just to avoid getting eaten. (I do it every time my wife says someone needs to take the garbage out.)

+ Amazon is bringing palm-scanning payment system to Whole Foods stores.

+ And the very bottom of the news is reserved today for the bottom of the barrel when it comes to leadership. By a 94-1 vote, the Senate passed an anti-Asian hate crimes bill. The 1? Josh Hawley. Unreal that this seditious clown is still a U.S. Senator.