“When it was over, Marcus felt as if he’d finally put down a heavy load he’d been carrying for years. For the first time in a long time, he didn’t want a drink, and he didn’t touch alcohol for a year after. ‘I was thinking clear. I wasn’t impulsive anymore. I had no anxiety. I wasn’t depressed,’ he says. Amber couldn’t believe it, but when she picked him up, she knew she had her husband back. ‘When he walked into the room, it was as though I was witnessing him the first time I met him,’ she says. ‘His anger and his darkness and his whole demeanor had changed. All of that was gone. He was easy. He was light. He was present. He was happy. It just absolutely blew my mind.'” Time: Inside Ibogaine, One of the Most Promising and Perilous Psychedelics for Addiction.