“Out of some 6.8 million doses of the vaccine, cerebral venous sinus thrombosis clots were reported in six women.” The US Has Recommended Pausing The Johnson & Johnson Vaccine To Study Rare Blood Clotting Issues. The main goal of the pause could be to instruct hospitals how to deal with these rare clots should they occur. But the suspension will delay shipments of shots to Europe and the headlines will likely increase vaccine hesitancy in America.

+ NPR: A Mystery Under Study: How, Why And When COVID Vaccines Aren’t Fully Protective. (It’s not that mysterious. 94% effective is not 100% effective. But wearing a mask indoors is 100% no big deal.)

+ “Democratic governors, leaders of the largest teachers’ unions and many local Democratic elected officials — a cadre that regales in the blood sport of attacking Trumpism for being anti-science — have consistently disregarded the overwhelming scientific evidence that opening full-time is doable and safe for most schools.” Time: Blue States Are Failing Their Students by Not Reopening Schools. Here’s How They Got It So Wrong.

+ Derek Thompson in The Atlantic: “Last week, the CDC acknowledged what many of us have been saying for almost nine months about cleaning surfaces to prevent transmission by touch of the coronavirus: It’s pure hygiene theater.” (My kids have been ahead of the curve on this one. They’ve refused to clean surfaces for years.)