“I happened to be driving at the time. I almost had to pull over the side of the road. My jaw dropped. The most we’d received prior to this was $300,000. So to get $8 million was mind-blowing. I didn’t know if it was real.” Slate: What It’s Like When a Billionaire Surprises You With $8 Million—No Strings Attached. MacKenzie Scott is giving money away, fast.

+ Colorado is on track to give teens three free therapy sessions to help them cope with coronavirus.

+ No one has been murdered in Norway so far this year. (Hopefully, this isn’t like saying, “That pitcher has a no hitter going.”)

+ “Fatima’s gesture in the store snowballed into an army of volunteers that Syed and the other core members decided to call the Good Neighbor Project.” Meet the 9-year-old girl whose simple act of kindness during COVID-19 spurred an army of volunteers.

+ Virginia becomes first Southern state to legalize marijuana.

+ Live, from the driveway: Local bands turn to playing private gigs during the pandemic. (Related: I’m thinking about doing daily readings of NextDraft from a mountain top.)

+ Watch Tommy Fleetwood Swish This Hole-In-One From 170 Yards. (At an interview at a celebrity golf tournament, I once asked Mick Fleetwood what he thought of the game. He answered, “It’s really quite nice. It’s like a giant game of pool table.)

+ Massive rockslide closes Highway 50 near Tahoe. (The feel good angle of this story is that I drove by the exact spot less than 24 hours earlier and there was not a rockslide…)