“This wasn’t just simple vainglory. It represented Gaetz’s fundamental political philosophy: “If you aren’t making news, you aren’t governing.” This approach to politics hasn’t made him many friends in Washington or imbued him with the air of gravitas that ambitious politicians once craved. But as scandal has swirled around him, it has served as something of a shield.” Ben Jacobs in NY Mag: Matt Gaetz (R–TV). Gaetz isn’t going to survive this scandal, but this angle is part of a much broader trend. Governance has become less about governing and more about celebrity (Example, 2016-2020).

+ And guess who is to blame for this gradual merger of celebrity and politics. Voters! “The consumer research platform Piplsay found earlier this week that 58 percent of respondents said they would like to see one or both of the actors Matthew McConaughey and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson launch bids for the Texas governorship and U.S. presidency, respectively.” I think this is a bad idea, even though I’d have insider access like never before as everyone else who lives in my house is Samoan. I’m like the Margaret Mead of newsletter writers.