If the Suit Fits

“In some ways, it’s a relief to see someone hold Fox to account, especially since nothing else seems able to restrain right-wing media outlets from spreading disinformation … But for those who care about the reality-based news media, there’s a downside. And nobody is thinking about that more intently than the people at a small investigative California newsroom called Reveal, which is run by the nonprofit Center for Investigative Reporting.
‘These defamation suits can decimate the legitimate press,’ said D. Victoria Baranetsky, general counsel at Reveal.” WaPo’s Margaret Sullivan on The problem with cheering for the Dominion lawsuit against Fox News. (I’m a huge fan of and an advisor to Reveal. And they were threatened by a false lawsuit. Of course, classifying their investigative reporting alongside the strategic lying of Fox News is a stretch. Maybe we need to take a step back and question our definition of news. Phonies like Hannity and Carlson yelling lies into living rooms doesn’t fit my definition.)

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