“The president’s blueprint is a multitrillion-dollar partisan shopping list of progressive priorities, all broadly categorized as ‘infrastructure’ and paid for with massive, job-killing tax increases.” That’s Representative Sam Graves of Missouri with the GOP response to Biden’s $2 trillion infrastructure plan. And the progressives? They think the plan is too small. Biden’s Infrastructure Plan Meets Skepticism, Signaling Fight to Come.

+ The physical infrastructure plan is much less controversial than the plan to follow. “The human-infrastructure part of the program is the more novel and telling one, and not just because it would expand the role of the state in everyday life. It is an expression of the same twenty-first-century liberalism that animated Hillary Clinton’s Presidential campaign—the belief that the way to fix what ails America is to unleash its talent, by making opportunity more available and equitable. Human infrastructure, in other words, is the kind of thing a country could spend four years arguing about.” Benjamin Wallace-Wells in The New Yorker: Biden’s New Deal and the Future of Human Capital.