“What I’m hearing from small businesses, medium-sized businesses and large business is that wherever possible right now, they’re looking for ways to use technology more than in the past to run leaner, and to be more efficient.” WaPo: The soft underbelly to a looming economic boom: Millions will miss out.

+ “When MacKenzie Scott unveiled last year that she had donated $6 billion to support 500 nonprofits across the country, overwhelming applause rushed in for a billionaire who probably donated more money directly to charities in a single year than any living person ever had before. But then something weird happened. She ended the year much, much richer.” For some, at least in terms of finances, 2020 was a very good year. Vox: Tech billionaires emerged from a year of hardship as more than leaders of iconic companies. They are central — almost too central — characters in American life.