“In July 2019, Alan M. Dershowitz, the lawyer who defended President Donald J. Trump during Mr. Trump’s first impeachment trial, said in an interview that he had a “perfect sex life” with his wife. Mr. Dershowitz’s phrasing — in response to questions about his connections to the accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein — drew headlines at the time. The comments also prompted Bandy X. Lee, then a psychiatrist at Yale University who had questioned Mr. Trump’s mental fitness and his influence over his supporters, to assess Mr. Dershowitz’s behavior. In January 2020, she compared Mr. Dershowitz’s wording with Mr. Trump’s own prominent use of the word ‘perfect,’ suggesting in a tweet that it could reflect a ‘shared psychosis’ through which Mr. Dershowitz had taken on what she said was Mr. Trump’s ‘grandiosity and delusional-level impunity.'” Now Lee is out of a job. This is yet another example of how effective it can be when the famous and powerful attack those who dare to hint at their bullshit. Let’s not focus on victims claims about Dersh’s behavior with the Jeffery Epstein crew. Let’s focus on a comment a shrink makes about him. NYT: A Yale Psychiatrist’s Tweet About Dershowitz, Her Dismissal, and a Lawsuit. (Bandi Lee nailed the Trump story and accurately predicted how his behavior would morph during his time in office. She should have gotten a promotion.)