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“We started digging around, and things quickly became unsettling. I found a video clip of him at a conference, reading a chapter I’d written. He was dressed like me. Even his mannerisms and speech patterns were similar. Then I came across a picture of his hands, where he’d poorly copied my tattoos: the flowers on the backs of my hands, with the words ‘know more’ and ‘artefact’ written across the fingers. This man had been stealing my work and elements of my identity for years. It creeped me out.” I tracked down my impostor. (I’ve had a few newsletter impostors try to mimic my pun game, but in the end, they couldn’t handle the eye-rolls.)

+ Top Paid LA Lifeguards Earned Up To $392,000 In 2019. (And they get to wear shorts to work.)

+ Man looks up neighbor’s property, finds his cat has been living a double life next door. (Our cat Emoji went to stay with one our neighbors so many times that we all agreed the neighbor should keep her. And everyone seems pretty happy about the situation.)

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