What to Doc: I really didn’t want to watch Allen v Farrow on HBO. But I’m glad I did. It’s a case study in how a powerful, connected person can bend institutions and the media to create a story that so obviously flies in the face of reality. A guy so perverted that he married a girl who he raised as his daughter was somehow given the benefit of the doubt after sexually abusing his adopted daughter; and then continued to be a successful and highly regarded filmmaker. It’s worth understanding how the hell that could have happened.

+ What to Watch: This week’s installment of small movies that are up for best picture during a pandemic year: Minari. It’s the story of a Korean family trying to make it in America in the 80s. But it couldn’t be more timely.

+ What to Netflix: Need some Netflix picks? Bob Lefsetz ranks his favorite series on the platform. The NYT has a list of the 50 best series on Netflix. An Esquire picks the 60 Best Movies to Stream on Netflix Right Now. (If your TV consumption is anything like mine, that should barely get you through the weekend.)