Joe Biden held his first presidential press conference today, and kicked things off with a new goal of 200 million vaccine shots by the 100th day of his presidency. Immigration and filibusters were also topics. Injecting Lysol wasn’t. Here’s the latest from CNN.

+ Meanwhile, Kamala Harris got her first major assignment. And it’s not an easy one. Vice President Kamala Harris to lead White House efforts to stem migration at the border.

+ WaPo’s Greg Sargent on Why Kamala Harris’s new immigration assignment could be a big deal. “In the short run, it could help shift part of the conversation away from the media-centric idea that the sum total of this ‘crisis’ is what’s happening at the border, and focus it on the deeper causes of these migrations. That’s absolutely necessary if the political and policy debate is going to regain some sanity. What’s more, in the long run, this could also pave the way toward the development of some actual solutions to the broader problems here, which are fiendishly difficult.”