Mass shootings. Sadly, that’s what marks America’s return to normalcy. Just days after the Atlanta shootings, the latest episode in the country’s sickest series took place at a grocery store in Boulder, Colorado. Ten people were killed. The shooter is in custody. Now we’ll spend endless cycles on motive. The motive is not the issue. The issue is that we have a country of hundreds of millions of people with easy access to killing machines. Some of those people, for whatever reason, will take advantage of that reality as long as it exists. President Biden urged the Senate to immediately pass two House-passed gun reforms, covering universal background checks and an assault weapons ban. Biden also praised Officer Eric Talley who was one of the victims. “When the moment to act came Officer Talley did not hesitate in his duty making the ultimate sacrifice in his effort to save lives. That’s the definition of an American hero.” (We don’t need another hero.) Here’s the latest from CNN.

+ A court stopped Boulder from banning assault weapons just days before a deadly mass shooting. The NRA called the ruling “something to celebrate.”

+ Vox: America’s gun problem, explained. The public and research support gun control. Here’s how it could help — and why it doesn’t pass.