“If vaccine acceptance tops out where it is right now, at less than two-thirds of American adults, then the pathway out of this pandemic could stretch and twist into the future. The virus will remain among us, if defanged for many, and harmful outbreaks could emerge as antibody levels fade. If patterns of refusal continue to develop along partisan lines, our outlook will be even worse.” Daniel Engber in The Atlantic: America Is Now in the Hands of the Vaccine-Hesitant.

+ If Europe is an indicator, we better address this hesitancy, stat. Angela Merkel on Germany’s latest lockdown. “We are now basically in a new pandemic. The British mutation has become dominant … Fundamentally, we face a new virus of the same kind but with very different characteristics. More deadly, more infectious, and infectious for longer.”

+ Maybe this will help: Krispy Kreme will give you a free doughnut every day this year — if you’ve been vaccinated.