What to Hear: A NextDraft-approved band is out with their latest album today, and it’s as solid as expected. Check out Today We’re the Greatest from Middle Kids. You can start with the song R U 4 Me?

+ What to Not Hear: During a year when we’re watching movies on the small screen, it makes sense that many of the Oscar contenders are small movies, not big blockbusters. Sound of Metal, the story of a metal drummer who loses his hearing, is one such movie, and worth a watch.

+ What to TV: This is a pick for a slightly narrower audience. If you live in a house filled with Samoans, including your mother-in-law, I highly recommend Young Rock. (And as a member of the community by marriage, I feel I’m in a position to tell The Rock to find himself a decent tailor. Watch the show and you’ll feel the same. Malo Lava, Dwayne.)