“This is the story of how the owners of Baltimore’s most popular fusion restaurant drove to Vermont over the weekend to cook a meal. It’s also a story about food and love and dying. And really, really amazing customer service.” (Trust me, that’s an understatement.)

+ Polystyrene waste is everywhere, and it’s not biodegradable. Scientists just found a way to break it down.

+ “At the hospital Peyo tells his trainer which room he wants to enter next by stopping or raising his leg. Peyo is 15 and seems able to detect when humans have cancers and tumours. He stayed nearly two hours here, watching over a dying woman. ‘I accompany him but I let him do what he wants, he’s the one who decides.'” The horse comforting cancer patients in Calais – in pictures.

+ 77-year-old substitute teacher who lives in his car gifted $27,000 check by former student.

+ A Baby Donkey in a hammock. That’s it. That’s the story.

+ WaPo: This teen makes tiny bow ties for shelter dogs to help them look spiffy and get adopted.

+ GQ: The Best Sex Toys for Couples Will Make Sex Even More Awesome. (Want to make my sex more awesome? Adopt my beagles for a few minutes.)