Advances in facial recognition technology are making it as easy to track you offline as it is on the internet. In fact, the photos you share online are being scraped to better identify you as you move through the terrestrial world. On one hand, law enforcement is more likely to catch criminals with these technologies. On the other hand, our minute to minute anonymity could be blown to smithereens. The NYT’s Kashmir Hill has tracked this story as well as facial recognition software is tracking you. Your Face Is Not Your Own. (How good is this technology? Someday soon, you might find yourself logging on to the internet for a little privacy.)

+ The real story of tech is that it can do amazing things and it can do troubling things. Let’s end this section with the amazing part. The New Yorker: The Pastry A.I. That Learned to Fight Cancer. “In Japan, a system designed to distinguish croissants from bear claws has turned out to be capable of a whole lot more.” (I worry my kids could use this technology to find out what happens to all the ice cream bars after they go to sleep.)