Coyote Ugly

“Border crossers are vulnerable to rumor and misinformation. The criminal cartels that traffic in people are only too glad to offer deceptive hope. The best way for an American administration to deter migration—and save lives—is to communicate a clear and consistent message: Do not waste your money; do not risk your life; do not try to enter the United States without authorization.” David Frum in The Atlantic: Biden Has a Border Problem.

+ “The migrants’ hopes have been drummed up by human smugglers who promise that President Biden’s administration will welcome them. Instead, the United States is expelling them back to Mexico, where they wait along with tens of thousands of others hoping to cross. The pressure, and desperation, is quickly building among families stuck in Mexico, as shelters and officials struggle to help them.” NYT: On Mexico’s Border With U.S.,
Desperation as Migrant Traffic Piles Up

+ DHS chief: U.S. pacing for more border encounters than in the last 20 years. (My quick take: Putting border politics aside, if we really want to address this issue, we have to address America’s role in turning some regions into killing fields. In other words, we have to end the war on drugs. And the whole issue is only going to get more complicated and more dire as climate change makes some regions less habitable.)

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